Thursday, July 31, 2008

More July Sewing

Finished the denim trousers. I hesitate to call them jeans, although I did try to treat them like jeans initially. I topstitched the outer side seams and fly area with cream heavy-ish thread. It made a nice stand out detail, but was too bright for the dark denim. I think it needs to be used as a more decorative effect to work, like on pockets and in rows and rows of topstitching, rather than my two little areas. I discovered this once I had completed the pants, so instead of taking them apart and redoing it, I took the lazy route and coloursed over the thread with a Sharpie marker in a brownish gold. Looks just fine to me and saved a fair bit of time.

This blog looks prety boring. I have to learn how to use my new digital camera soon. Maybe after our little holiday.

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