Monday, October 25, 2010

a Bit of Whimsy

I was able to attend the Creativ Festival in Toronto on the weekend. It was a bit of a surprise. I like to have a plan of attack and since I hadn't expected to go I did not feel organized. I was able to spend nearly an hour there and did a good runaround to try to get an overview of the trends in sewing nowadays. Sometimes working in your basement and focussing on one thing completely blots everything else from your consciousness.
I picked up two books and some yarns that co-ordinates well with other yarns already in m possession. Also a pile of things for work, like trims threads, interfacing and leather tape. They don't really count though, do they?
On the way out I saw Kenneth King pulling a red wheelie suitcase. I thought it was a MAJOR celebrity sighting until my husband picked me up. He had seen the Dalai Lama get out of his car about 10 feet away and go into the Royal York Hotel.
I still think my sighting wins. It was KENNETH KING! Also there wasn't a pane of glass between us. That makes it better, right?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Little Ones

First is my crazy girl on her first day of school. No point just standing at the door smiling in your uniform when you can be hamming it up like this.

Next is my second tiny dress. Actually this is the smallest Irish Dance dress I have ever made. The dancer is a petite four year old. The skirt is from a mis-cut in the Spring. I thought it was too small to use for anything at all. The day after I ruined a piece of expensive fabric from Dubai I recieved a call from a Mum looking for a tiny dress. Isn't that the perfect co-incidence?
The rest was loosely based on Snow White. The big ovals were created for giant rhinestones that the mother ordered from the US and put on herself. The little one did well at her first big competition too. I even have a photos of her wearing a sash and on a podium!