Monday, April 14, 2008


As it turns out, my husband isn't the best photographer. He just can't see the point of trying to find a flattering pose for my huge thighs or the fact that my chin is too high.
These are the only usable ones so far. I guess I will be doing a lot of floor/dressform shots.
Blouse and Trousers Full length Blouse and trousers
Blouse1 and Trousers. I didn't even notice the doll clothes on the floor until too late.
Another SWAP blouse, Maisie and my bra
SWAP blouse 2. Like my bra?
Back of jacketJacket front-lightened
The back of jacket. None of the front pictures turned out well.
How I felt at the end-threatening him to take better pics with my enourmous muscles.
(He read this and said he thought the camera would work better.)

Friday, April 4, 2008


I am trying to get a jump on the SWAP write up, so thought I would start here. I am so glad I could finish it. My goal is not to win, but to get some new clothes that coordinate. One more hem and resetting one sleeve and that part is done.

Jacket- B - Brown/camel/turquoise wool/cotton tweed from Vogue Fabrics

Top 1- KS 2694-Modified-Teal nylon/lycra leaf print wrap top
Top 2-Simplicity 4095 -wrap top in teal wool jersey from Wazoodle
Top 3- Simplicty 4095-wrap top in teal Rayon jersey from Timmel
Top 4-Simplicity -4095V-neck in teal rayon jersey from Timmel
Top 5-New Look -button front shirt in cotton floral print from Fabricland
Top 6- New Look -button front shirt in ctton lycra print from Gorgeous fabrics

Trousers 1- Self drafted trouser in brown weave with teal pinstripe from EOS
Trousers 2-Simplicity 4095-trouser in brown RPL from Timmel Fabrics
Trousers 3-Simplicity 4095-trouser in Camel/brown/teal cotton from EOS
Skirt 4- Simplicity 4095-skirt in teal wool jersey fro Wazoodle

Wardrobe pattern is Simplicity 4095 . Tops 2,3 and 4, trousers 2 and 3 and skirt 4 are all from it. Fours garment pieces/styles were used to make six items.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

SWAP thoughts

I have found it much different working on last year's SWAP and this year's. I started ealier this year and have found it much easier to plan. Also, I have had a year to purchase coordinating fabrics.
Last year's SWAP my my first attempt to move away from black clothing. I have found it doesn't flatter me as much as it used to (or maybe I thought it used to) but I wasn't sure what colours to choose. In the end, the SWAP was comprised of several pieces I never wear. Colour and style are the big deterrants in wearing the other pieces.
From Julie's site, with my notes in italics.

Last year's SWAP was based on greens and beige, with navy and aqua accents

Jacket: Loes Hinse Kimono Jacket in green rayon/linen -Never wear- not enough shape
Butterick 6600 in lime/white striped stretch cotton/poly blend - wear occasionally in summer
Kwik Sew 2694 scoop neck tee modified in navy knit - gave away
Kwik Sew 2694 wrap top modified in aqua wool knit from Mum's stash - I do wear this one
Vogue 8322 V-neck blouse in navy silk/cotton sateen - rarely wear
Kwik Sew 2946 tank top modified - reversible in beige matalasse to charmeuse silk -never wear:fit
Kwik Sew 2694 wrap top modified in sage rayon/poly knit -never wear because of colour
Taupe trousers, drafted from RTW, in cotton/lycra blend - wear
Ankle length pant, drafted from RTW, in sage cotton/lycra - never wear:colour
Camel trouser, self-drafted, in brushed cotton/lycra - wear frequently
Purchased item, RTW pant from Talbot's in sage cotton/lycra -never wear:colour

I have learned a lot from going over this SWAP. Sage is not my colour. It is too light and not really flattering on my skin.
I tend to wear one colour or value from neckline to hem, with a colour or value contrasting piece worn undone over top. This "column" is usually medium dark to dark and is supposed to make me look taller (and therefore not as wide). The third piece worn over and undone is to further divide the width while allowing the column effect to remain. Last year's SWAP did not give me many pieces close enough in value to provide me my coloumn.

The current SWAP has two shirts which can be worn buttoned up or over a top, three wrap tops which work for layering under a light coat and one top that can be worn on its own or under a shirt.

In the Fall I decided to make some basics and a few interesting jackets to go over top. Once made I realized that jackets don't fit so well under the heavy winter coats required for this non-driver in the cold Ontario winter. Softer cardigans make more sense. Great winter coats (which can be worn open at, say, the mall) make more sense. Spring coats are perfect for this look. Coats are what I need! A multitude of coats! Did I ever mention that our lovely old house has only TWO closets? Something's gotta give and it is NOT going to be my wardrobe.

The skirt and jacket were Loes Hinse patterns. They don't have any shaping built in and just don't work for my proportions.
The pants were fine, except for the colour choices. I needed to refine this area a bit. I tried to wear turquoises and aquas last summer. Most were too light, too bright or both. RuthieK gave me some excellent colour advice on Artisan Square about keeping to a mid tone, not too light, too dark or too bright. I really liked her SWAP last year called "Woodland Walk" and took her advice. Well, not only the advice, but the colours and tones of her SWAP from last year are very similar to what I am doing this year. Thanks Ruthie!