Friday, April 4, 2008


I am trying to get a jump on the SWAP write up, so thought I would start here. I am so glad I could finish it. My goal is not to win, but to get some new clothes that coordinate. One more hem and resetting one sleeve and that part is done.

Jacket- B - Brown/camel/turquoise wool/cotton tweed from Vogue Fabrics

Top 1- KS 2694-Modified-Teal nylon/lycra leaf print wrap top
Top 2-Simplicity 4095 -wrap top in teal wool jersey from Wazoodle
Top 3- Simplicty 4095-wrap top in teal Rayon jersey from Timmel
Top 4-Simplicity -4095V-neck in teal rayon jersey from Timmel
Top 5-New Look -button front shirt in cotton floral print from Fabricland
Top 6- New Look -button front shirt in ctton lycra print from Gorgeous fabrics

Trousers 1- Self drafted trouser in brown weave with teal pinstripe from EOS
Trousers 2-Simplicity 4095-trouser in brown RPL from Timmel Fabrics
Trousers 3-Simplicity 4095-trouser in Camel/brown/teal cotton from EOS
Skirt 4- Simplicity 4095-skirt in teal wool jersey fro Wazoodle

Wardrobe pattern is Simplicity 4095 . Tops 2,3 and 4, trousers 2 and 3 and skirt 4 are all from it. Fours garment pieces/styles were used to make six items.

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Audrey said...

Almost done on your SWAP, thats great! I can't wait to see your pictures. Your April 1 post about reveiwing last year's SWAP for items that worked and others that didn't, was a mental head slap for me. I should have done that too, before I got this far along on the 2008 SWAP.