Monday, April 14, 2008


As it turns out, my husband isn't the best photographer. He just can't see the point of trying to find a flattering pose for my huge thighs or the fact that my chin is too high.
These are the only usable ones so far. I guess I will be doing a lot of floor/dressform shots.
Blouse and Trousers Full length Blouse and trousers
Blouse1 and Trousers. I didn't even notice the doll clothes on the floor until too late.
Another SWAP blouse, Maisie and my bra
SWAP blouse 2. Like my bra?
Back of jacketJacket front-lightened
The back of jacket. None of the front pictures turned out well.
How I felt at the end-threatening him to take better pics with my enourmous muscles.
(He read this and said he thought the camera would work better.)

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