Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blue coat

A couple people have asked me, one here and others in person and through Artisan's Square, so I am going to put some pictures up of the pattern changes I made of the blue coat to change it from double breasted to single. I like the result, although it has created a much more substantial collar and lapel this way. I have to finish my oufit for the wedding still, so it might not be until Tuesday that I get to it though.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vogue 8480

Vogue 8480 is a coat I began right after SWAP finished. I have since worn it and worn it.
I loved the pattern from the first time I saw it, but did not like the idea of a double breasted coat on me. I like to have the option of wearing my coats open. I bought the pattern during a sale and, after seeing the amazing Erica B's version, decided to take the plunge and attempt a single breasted version of it. The fabric is a teal stretch denim that works beautifully with the SWAP teals. Taking a hint from Ms. B, I lengthened it by four inches. I am happy with the results although I wonder if I should have lowered the pockets when I added the length. The construcion would allow this to still be done quite easily, so I might drop them an inch or two in the end. I have picked up some soft khaki cotton sateen that I plan to make in the same pattern. I am going to lower the pockets on that one and see if I like it before I get back to this one.
Vogue 8480V 8480 back
I also removed some of the flare from the sleeves, just in case I ever wear it eating soup somewhere.
On a darker note. I ordered some books from for my birthday at the end of April. They have taken forever to ship and now the website is telling me they were delivered and I do not have them! I keep checking the veranda for them, but no box awaits me.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It has been a while (again).

My computer died on me in late april and I find it really difficult to use the family computer. Someone always wants me or the computer or for me not to be on the computer or something.
I have a few minutes and want to post some pictures. I hope I can get it done in time.

I have to a wedding to attend this weekend, so I made a lovely teal outfit for myself. The jacket is a lace over duppioni that I beaded on the flower motifs and around the neckline.
I was able to try on all three pieces together last night and when I looked at myself in the mirror my first thought was "I look like the Queen". Now I know she is a snappy dresser for a lady of her age, but I am not her age. Nor do I have a hat to match this outfit and even so it still wouldn't make it right.
All teal with lace jacketPhotobucketPhotobucket
Three options. The last one would also have the black jacket for the ceremony. Also, I would wear the pearls, but not the watch. Please ignore the messy hair and lack of makeup. I had to make use of my husband while I could.