Thursday, July 31, 2008

More July Sewing

Finished the denim trousers. I hesitate to call them jeans, although I did try to treat them like jeans initially. I topstitched the outer side seams and fly area with cream heavy-ish thread. It made a nice stand out detail, but was too bright for the dark denim. I think it needs to be used as a more decorative effect to work, like on pockets and in rows and rows of topstitching, rather than my two little areas. I discovered this once I had completed the pants, so instead of taking them apart and redoing it, I took the lazy route and coloursed over the thread with a Sharpie marker in a brownish gold. Looks just fine to me and saved a fair bit of time.

This blog looks prety boring. I have to learn how to use my new digital camera soon. Maybe after our little holiday.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I am trying to empty out the sewing room of items that need repair or completion. There have been a lot of these.
I have finished a skirt that was nearly done.
Almost finished a top that matches it. I was mainly cut out and fitted already. It looks cute and I will try to get pictures. I need to pick up more thread and buttons. The inner thread was a bit dark to use for topstitching/buttonholes. I got around this when doing the zipper by hand picking it. The fabric is pretty. It is a denim-ish blue with flocked dot overall and a 6" cream embroidered edging on it. I cut an 8 gore skirt to use the edge at the hem without too much bulk at the waist. There was a little bit left, so I used that at the sleeve edge. I have about 4" of edge and some yardage left, so I might make a v-neck tank and fill in the "V" with the embroidered bit.
I have found two pairs of teal-ish trousers cut out for SWAP, a pair of trouser jeans cut recently and a black and white silk jacket from last December. There is also a pair of taupe cotton trousers that need to CB seam sewn up and a pair of camel trousers that need a new hook. I am going to cut out a pair of brown trousers (to use the trouser pattern from fabric rather than paper) and try to get the jeans finished next. The teals can wait until August when I hope to make another capsule.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Monday Sewing

I spent too much time on Monday trying to fit an a-line coat on me. I have given up. I think I am too curvy to not have some shaping seams or some kind of darting.
I may try it again, but for now I have given up.

I have started to sew a white cardigan that I cut out for the SWAP back in February. I miscut it and was so frustrated I just put it aside. I was using a pattern for a top, but cut it up the centre for a no-close cardigan. I meant to rotate the gathering at the CF bust area into either an armhole dart or an underbust dart and left it at the CF. It is a fairly substantial knit, so gathering it there would be very bulky. I wasn't sure how to finish the edge. I ended up pleating it and binding the entire edge in satin bias, then applying a decorative elastic over the edge. It looks fine as long as it sits properly. I will add a hook and always need to have it close or else it sags around the bust and any kind of sagging around the bust is out as far as I am concerned.
Also, I found the three Vogue patterns I had misplaced. Of course, now I don't have time for them, but at least I know I didn't throw them out.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July Sewing

I work every weekend. Not all day on both days, but usually a full day or both mornings. It is convenient for people come for fittings on weekends, so I do it. The idea was that I would take Monday off, like a hairdresser, but that hasn't been working, either. Well, I am determined to take at least part of Mondays to do some personal sewing. This week I made a short sleeved top in teal and started a brown/teal/camel skirt in a feather print. I liked the t a lot, but needed an FBA. I ended up darting the t into the armscye, which I don't love, and taking out the excess in the sleeve. It made the sleeve a bit tight, but it it wearable. I cut another in the same fabric but with 3/4 length sleeves and eased the dart end into the sideseam. Now I look like I have lumpy underarms, so I might re-do that into a side seam dart. Otherwise I like both t's.
Last Monday I made a skirt in a tan/robin's egg blue reversible cotton from EOS. I did not take advantage of the blue at all though. It started out as a gored a-line with a flared section on all but the centre front section. I ended up straightening the side seams so that I didn't look quite so big. Now is is a bit snug across the thighs, but only when I sit. I figure I can wear it when I walk somewhere, just not for a car ride. I can easily hike it up to sit on the ground at the park, for example. When I have lost the recently gained 10 pounds it should still be fine.
Tan skirt with flared hem Detail showing side front seam
Oooh, I also purchased a new brown purse. I was trying on all the expensive ones at Winners, but this one ($39.95) stayed on my shoulder best. That was enough for me and home it came.
New purse!
It looks a bit shiny and plastic-y in the picture, but it really is leather and looks it.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Canada Day

Yesterday was Canada Day. We dressed in red and white and took the kids to a local park for a walk and picnic. I wore my very comfortable new tan pants.
Maisie enjoyed the Merry-go-round and wouldn't get off after the first ride. It was a good thing I had purchased some extra tickets.
We had to change horses from "Baby black one." to "Brown one.", then finally onto the "BIG white one." Everything is either big or baby.
Notice the mismatched socks. Leo did it first and Maisie had to copy. This pose is actually uncontrived, despite the face that Leo pulling.
Maisie is wearing a pair of shorts I made her brother ten years ago. They have certainly held up.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

JCC write up

This extremely practical capsule was designed to expand my existing wardrobe. I have many pieces that don't get worn and needed some neutral basics to put with them. I will likely not wear the pieces altogether, although you can see that it would be possible.
I think I have created a basic capsule that is eminently wearable. The items go with many things as well as each other and most are multi-seasonal.
The jacket is a modifeid version of Vogue 8480. The skirt, cropped pants, and purse were all self-drafted. The tops is a purchased item.