Monday, September 13, 2010

Machine embroidery

I finally have the machine back and it seems to be running well now. It has cost a fortune, but will be worth it is this really is a good repair.
This is the first project I have worked on with it.
It is a silk valance with a hand beaded edge using a glass pearl and sparkly small bead. I like the edging.
The fabric is a silk duoppioni that the client supplied. It marks like the Dickens. I had to use a cloth on the wheel of the machine, wear gloves and still got oily smudges on the first embroidery. I tried to get them out with a stain removing dauber but it left other marks as it dried so I washed the whole thing with Sunlight dish liquid. Here it is wet on the left and the replacement on the right. You can see the wax line of where the fold backs will be on the wet one. The silk was fused twice; once with a soft weft insertion interfacing, then with fusible fleece.
I am not sure about the beading on the design though. I tried stitching the design in beads, couching it and tambour stitching them it. Finally I satin stitched the design and added beads over the stitching. It isn't completed yet. I will bead it all if I decide to use it this way but I am not sure what to think. Any opinions? Should I keep beading or leave it plain?
(Sorry, Blogger keeps rotating the one picture.)