Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Maisie posing

Maisie decided to wear a pair of pink patent sandals she had been given. I thought she would give it up once I told her she could only wear them with a dress. She hasn't worn a dress since Easter and it was a battle then. Imagine my surprise when she asked to change into the once despised dress! She agreed to wear tights, even!
I put her into the dress I made for her birthday last year and she let me take some pictures of her. Et voila!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Latest dress

This is work and not personal, but it is a picture of something I have sewn recently.
As soon as I can get personal pics I will replace it!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Sales, work and my mum

It is the Surprise Memeber's Sales at Fabricland today and tomorrow (and yesterday actually). 50% off on all non sale items. I stocked up an basic satins for work as well as picking up a few peices of teal for me. I got a Ponte de Roma (sp?), some boiled wool, which is really 60% rayon 40% wool, as well as some Bemburg lining. Now if only I had time to get to work on something for myself.
That leads to: I am swamped at work. Most dresses have been started for the regional qualifiers for the World Cahmpoinships. The regionals start the first weekend of November and there are seven of them in North America, with the last one on the first weekend of December. It is full on until they are over. Usually December is dead though, so
1- I get a break and
2- I need to work as much as possible up until then so I have money to tide me over during the lull. My mortgage company doesn't really care if I am busy or not. They just want their money.
Mum has been transferred to a hospital that specializes in rehabilitation and is no too far from her home. She gets therapy in the morning and again in the afternoon. She is able to write and walks a bit with a walker. My sister in law is a saint and goes to see her daily. My brother also visits every day after work.
I spoke to her today on the phone and she sounded like mum. I cried. She even offered to help me sew and then burst out in laughter when I said "Come on down." She is back.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Thanks Leanne and Laura for your comments.
I lost a fair bit of time last week, which really cuts into my non-work sewing. However, since I haven't been able to post any pictures in weeks, that doesn't really matter much, does it?

Mum is feeling much better. Thanks, Laura for asking. She is back in Canada now. My SIL is trying to get her into Shaver Hospital in St. Catharines so she can get more physiotheray than she would in Niagara Falls. Her situation really makes me worried about our health care system. The cuts started with Mike Harris years ago and has continued with the Liberal gov't, but hasn't really affected me or my family much til now. It is easier to form an opinion after having a problem.
Re: the brown pants-I think I will try to add a cuff. The samples I did with just a hem extension looked too bubbly. I have worn the pants on a bad laundry day already, despite the fact that they are missing a hook and bar as well as just having the overlocked hem. No one at the park noticed.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

When she awoke she said "I need this like I need a hole in the head!"

My mum just had surgery in a hospital in Buffalo. She was on a blood thinner and must have knocked her head which started her bleeding out. Her Doctor did not listen to her concerns and put her on antibiotics without doing any bloodwork. Well, she got sicker and sicker and finally my sister took her to Emergency. They found the bleed and wanted to admit her, but there were no beds available in Canada. She was considered stable until she passed out and could not be resussitated which bumped her up to critical. They planned tp put her in an ambulance to Hamilton, but she awoke when they tried to intubate her. Bump, down she went to stable, no more need for surgery! Then they realized she was still bleeding, couldn't get her to Hamilton so shipped her off to another country for surgery. Good God.
She had a hole bored into her skull tonight and the excess blood removed. She woke up in recovery and could recognize my brother and sister and sister in law. Thank heavens. My husband and I are going to see her tomorrow. It is a five or six hour round trip, but we should make it back before school gets out.

August Sewing, part 2

I managed to get one pair of trousers cut and sewn. However, I forgot to add hem allowance, so they were cut off to cropped pants. I did need me some cropped pants though. I have worn them a lot. I cut and sewed another pair, but again without a hem. They are the right length now without a hem. I don't want to wear them with serging around the bottom, but am at a loss for what else to do.
I did manage to knit a sweater and two scarves though. We were in the car a lot last month.