Wednesday, September 3, 2008

When she awoke she said "I need this like I need a hole in the head!"

My mum just had surgery in a hospital in Buffalo. She was on a blood thinner and must have knocked her head which started her bleeding out. Her Doctor did not listen to her concerns and put her on antibiotics without doing any bloodwork. Well, she got sicker and sicker and finally my sister took her to Emergency. They found the bleed and wanted to admit her, but there were no beds available in Canada. She was considered stable until she passed out and could not be resussitated which bumped her up to critical. They planned tp put her in an ambulance to Hamilton, but she awoke when they tried to intubate her. Bump, down she went to stable, no more need for surgery! Then they realized she was still bleeding, couldn't get her to Hamilton so shipped her off to another country for surgery. Good God.
She had a hole bored into her skull tonight and the excess blood removed. She woke up in recovery and could recognize my brother and sister and sister in law. Thank heavens. My husband and I are going to see her tomorrow. It is a five or six hour round trip, but we should make it back before school gets out.

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laura said...

I hope your Mother is doing well. How do you feel about Canadian healthcare??