Wednesday, September 3, 2008

August Sewing, part 2

I managed to get one pair of trousers cut and sewn. However, I forgot to add hem allowance, so they were cut off to cropped pants. I did need me some cropped pants though. I have worn them a lot. I cut and sewed another pair, but again without a hem. They are the right length now without a hem. I don't want to wear them with serging around the bottom, but am at a loss for what else to do.
I did manage to knit a sweater and two scarves though. We were in the car a lot last month.


Leanne in NZ said...

MaryPat, could you put a false hem on them so it looks like a deep topstitched hem? If you have enough fabric it would work, or would that make them too casual looking?

Just a thought - so frustrating to cut something out and forget the hem, I know how you feel!!

Good luck.

laura said...

It's September, but perhaps you'll read this. Add a cuff to the bottom. The turned up cuff will hide the hemline.