Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Thanks Leanne and Laura for your comments.
I lost a fair bit of time last week, which really cuts into my non-work sewing. However, since I haven't been able to post any pictures in weeks, that doesn't really matter much, does it?

Mum is feeling much better. Thanks, Laura for asking. She is back in Canada now. My SIL is trying to get her into Shaver Hospital in St. Catharines so she can get more physiotheray than she would in Niagara Falls. Her situation really makes me worried about our health care system. The cuts started with Mike Harris years ago and has continued with the Liberal gov't, but hasn't really affected me or my family much til now. It is easier to form an opinion after having a problem.
Re: the brown pants-I think I will try to add a cuff. The samples I did with just a hem extension looked too bubbly. I have worn the pants on a bad laundry day already, despite the fact that they are missing a hook and bar as well as just having the overlocked hem. No one at the park noticed.

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