Friday, September 19, 2008

Sales, work and my mum

It is the Surprise Memeber's Sales at Fabricland today and tomorrow (and yesterday actually). 50% off on all non sale items. I stocked up an basic satins for work as well as picking up a few peices of teal for me. I got a Ponte de Roma (sp?), some boiled wool, which is really 60% rayon 40% wool, as well as some Bemburg lining. Now if only I had time to get to work on something for myself.
That leads to: I am swamped at work. Most dresses have been started for the regional qualifiers for the World Cahmpoinships. The regionals start the first weekend of November and there are seven of them in North America, with the last one on the first weekend of December. It is full on until they are over. Usually December is dead though, so
1- I get a break and
2- I need to work as much as possible up until then so I have money to tide me over during the lull. My mortgage company doesn't really care if I am busy or not. They just want their money.
Mum has been transferred to a hospital that specializes in rehabilitation and is no too far from her home. She gets therapy in the morning and again in the afternoon. She is able to write and walks a bit with a walker. My sister in law is a saint and goes to see her daily. My brother also visits every day after work.
I spoke to her today on the phone and she sounded like mum. I cried. She even offered to help me sew and then burst out in laughter when I said "Come on down." She is back.


laura said...

Glad your Mother is home and doing better. Rehap will take a while, but she shold do well. Hope the cuff works out for you also.


Leanne in NZ said...

MaryPat, so glad to hear your Mum is on the mend, sewing and laughter are great medicine! To be partaken of often!!

Hope you get a bit of time to yourself over your busy few months ahead.