Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter 6 pac- first 3 pieces

Camisole in black stretch lace with nylon/lycra blend bottom. I did not use a pattern for this: I just winged it.
First I cut the cups after holding the lace over my bust to get an idea of the size needed. I sewed the cups and added straps, then added a parallelogram of fabric for front and back loosely based on a t-shirt. I finished the upper back edge with stretch lace.
When I tried it on without a bra, the girls falling below the bottom of the cups so I added more stretch lace on the inside front below the bust. Then they were staying up, but fell out at the sides so I added a strip of power mesh to the back, above the existing stretch lace and finished with lingerie elastic at the top.  I don't think I could recreate it exactly, but I do like it enough to try. It is warm under my clothes and the deep V shows less under a top than some of my purchased camisole tops.

I also made the panties. Hate to say it but I am much bigger than this dummy and things are much snugger on me.

The robe is made from a limp nylon mesh. It is very comfortable. It has a raised neckline and a front drape but the limpness really makes these hard to see. The edges have a rolled hem finish done on my serger. I used stretch elastic at the waist and a bias strip of silk that was hanging around for a tie at the waist. There is not much of a crossover so the front drape is handy for modesty. I don't usually wear it over the cami and panties like this so the general effect is not sexy. My apartment has radiators with no turn off valves and the robe works well however hot it is here.