Saturday, June 26, 2010

dress contruction pics

These are the only construction pics I can upload right now. The dress was made from guipure lace over satin and lined with a lightweight silk shantung. It was an outdoor summer wedding on a very hot day and it didn't rain (much). The bride is slim hipped and larger in the shoulders and bust, so she chose a simple sheath with a bit of a mermaid flare at the knee.
Blogger keeps freezing on me so I will end here.

A wedding dress

I had a bride this Spring! I love doing bridal, but haven't had much time for it lately.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Catching Up

I began a 6 week Artist/Educator Foundations course on May 1. I also work full time and have small/medium kids so I didn't really have time for this. However, I am SO glad I took it!
I have learned so much about myself, about art and about working with school aged learners.
The entire thing was a whirlwind of complications; many self created.
I had applied for the arts/ed course and was placed on a waiting list. It was to start on the day of the local feis (Irish Dance competition for the civilians) which I was willing to miss to take the classes. I was disappointed to be waitlisted but, because I was geared up to take a course (any course apparently), I then signed up for a Friday/Saturday full day bra making class. I paid in full and then found out I was in the first course. So I had the first Saturday booked with a feis, a bra making class and the first day of a six week course.
I don't remember much since then, but I have two new bras and a pile of new friends!