Monday, August 18, 2008

August Sewing

It seems that I will not be getting much personal sewing done in August.
We were away in Northern Ontario for a week, and then my husband took a long weekend golf trip as soon as we returned. Neither of which left me with much personal time at all, much less sewing time. I don't like to sew around the little one yet. She has no fear and sharp, shiny things like scissors and pins fascinate her.
I have promised to make my son a stuffed monkey and will hopefully get that done and show a picture. Maisie did help me trace off the pattern and played nicely beside me which let me cut some of it. Then she decided she had to cut something (anthing!) with my best scissors because the were blue. I let her, with my hands on the scissors as well but it still got dangerous.
For anything else we will just have to see what happens after Saturday. It should slow down a little after that.

Monday, August 11, 2008

July Sewing

I know this is no longer July, but I did finish more in July. We left for holiday the morning of the first of August, so I haven't had a chance to mention them. I hope to have photos soon.
I was able to complete a white cotton pique jacket from Mcalls 5329.
I omitted the empire band and added about 4" to the sleeves instead of the ruffle. I might add the band at some point. Since I have young children, I wanted this to be machine washable. The cut of the collar is good for this, since it is sewn on and not a revere (sp). I also chose not to line it.
While I was doing the mock up I decided to cut it in a lace-ish fabric that had been hanging around. I changes the neckline shape to a smoother "V",didn't sew the darts, added a facing on the top side in the pique and made a quick, no-close cardigan.
I am hoping to get pictures of all these up soon.
ETA: I forgot something: I didn't list those two blue garments I made in July, bringing the total up to eleven!
I admit that the skirt was a UFO but had to be recut, fitted and finished and the top was cut and sewn in July.

So for July:
2 Teal t's
1 Brown print skirt
1 Khaki skirt
2 White cardigans
1 Denim trousers
1 white jacket
1 Blue skirt with cream embroidered edge hemline.
1 Blue tie front top with cream embroidered edge sleeves
That comes to a whopping ELEVEN garments!
I won't be able to do this again though. I hope to get three done for August and doubt if I can.