Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I am trying to empty out the sewing room of items that need repair or completion. There have been a lot of these.
I have finished a skirt that was nearly done.
Almost finished a top that matches it. I was mainly cut out and fitted already. It looks cute and I will try to get pictures. I need to pick up more thread and buttons. The inner thread was a bit dark to use for topstitching/buttonholes. I got around this when doing the zipper by hand picking it. The fabric is pretty. It is a denim-ish blue with flocked dot overall and a 6" cream embroidered edging on it. I cut an 8 gore skirt to use the edge at the hem without too much bulk at the waist. There was a little bit left, so I used that at the sleeve edge. I have about 4" of edge and some yardage left, so I might make a v-neck tank and fill in the "V" with the embroidered bit.
I have found two pairs of teal-ish trousers cut out for SWAP, a pair of trouser jeans cut recently and a black and white silk jacket from last December. There is also a pair of taupe cotton trousers that need to CB seam sewn up and a pair of camel trousers that need a new hook. I am going to cut out a pair of brown trousers (to use the trouser pattern from fabric rather than paper) and try to get the jeans finished next. The teals can wait until August when I hope to make another capsule.

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