Monday, March 24, 2008

SWAP Garments

Darn- this won't keep the format it was made in.
Here is my SWAP. I included a purchased garment at the beginning that I hope to replace.
So far there are five tops sewn, one skirt, one pair of trousers and others started.
I might just do this!

Fabricland Boiled wool cardigan or
Textile Centre Teal Blue denim jacket

EOS Striped wool trousers- Completed
Wazoodle wool knit skirt-Simplicity 4095-Completed
Timmel Brown RPL -Simplicity 4095-Cut
EOS Soft Teal Cotton trousersS

Talbot's Teal top -Purchased
FabricMart Teal leaf print-Completed
Wazoodle Marine knit t-neck,self drafted-Completed
Fabricland Beige/teal floral cotton,NL Completed
Gorgeous Brown knit-Simplicity 4095B-Completed
Gorgeous Teal/beige Print, NL-Completed
Timmel Teal knit-Simplicity 4095A-Completed

Wazoodle Marine Wool knit top-Simplicity 4095B-cut out
Fabricland aqua/brown poly

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Ann's Fashion Studio said...

WOW you are almost done. Do you have pictures posted yet? Maybe I should check out SG and check :) I seem to only check the SWAP topic once in a while.