Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Karen's Purse

My friend Karen requested a purse. Well, she mentioned that she liked a style and I said I would make her one. Unfortunately, I couldn't really picture what she wanted and could not find a pattern of what I thought she wanted. I ended up making a pattern. Well, two actually. The first was a flop. Her description of long and narrow with buckles diagonally on the bottom did not fit the first one I tried. It just didn't end up long and narrow.
The bloody buckles took forever, so I took that one apart and started on another bag. This one might be a little too long for my taste, but my trendy babysitter OK'd it, so I proceeded with it. Karen is a very sensitive person, who wouldn't want to hurt my feelings if it wasn't what she wanted. She says she likes it though. I hope she means it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi MaryPat,
Karen couldn't possibly know how much work must have gone into that simple-looking little bag with it's curves and buckles. It's beautiful but must have taken quite a bit of work. She's lucky to have such a talented and generous friend!
Sue W.