Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Last One!

I am finally finishing up the last dress. I plan to take a full day to work on my SWAP after this and then do a bit each day. Not having December to work was hard for me with the SWAP. I always have a lot of free time in December.
All along I have been working on winter-able pieces/outfits and wearing them as they were completed. I have nearly worn out one pair of trousers. Now when I look at them I am tired of all of them. I want Spring to be here now. I realize that officially it is Spring on Friday, but I want the real deal with birds singing, flowers blooming and NO MORE SNOW! I guess I will have to move on to more Spring like clothes, maybe make a new jacket. This is why I never post a storyboard. Too many changes.

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Ann's Fashion Studio said...

I hear you about No More Snow. We are getting our fair share this year and I can't wait for warm days :)