Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Long time

Wow, it has been a while since I have written.
I have been ill with something ever since sometime in mid November. A cold/cough became a sinus infection. Antibiotics and a Prednisone inhaler took care of that, but gave me a yeast infection around my eyes, which I still have. Nothing from the MD seemed to help, so I have been following a Naturopath's suggestions for trying to rid the Candida from my system. No starches or yeast in my diet, so no sugars, breads, pasta, rice, potato etc. Nothing fermented, so no vinegars, soya sauce, etc. Basically lots of veggies with lean meat, lemons, limes, almonds and olive oil. Sounds like a great salad. Sounds like a lot of great salads. Gets a bit old after a while, especially when my eyes water and flake and burn still.
Also taking Oregano Oil, ground flax seed and Super 8 Probiotics.
I am ready to switch to Tequila shortly. At least if it doesn't work I will be more relaxed and maybe not even care.

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