Thursday, July 9, 2009

Say yes to the dress

I love the show "Say Yes to the Dress" . I have always loved bridal and have been thinking about getting into it again, so I am going to make a wedding dress.This is to be a sample for a wedding directory. I hope it all works out because I really don't need a wedding dress for myself.
This is to be from stash as much as possible and it seems like I have a fair sized selection.
Here are some samples of silks and brocade. Uppermost is a gold/silver mesh.
Blurry close up of the Celtic brocade.Pearl hammered silk, recently purchased from and a lovely embroidered soft tulle.
The same lace draped over my sewing chair.
While digging out some of theses fabrics I found a piece I hadn't seen in yonks. Linen, embroidery, quilting, beading, space dyed silk velvet and silver trim all addded up to this bodice. I made it years ago as a display at a Celtic art gallery. I called it "Tudor meets Star Trek". The lines of it seem off to me now, but it got a lot of business for me in it's day.


gwensews said...

Good luck with the wedding gown. Love that black top! It's wonderful.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

WOW....I love all the white fabrics. I'm sure the dress will be gorgeous.

The bodice is awesome.

Claudine said...

Good luck with the wedding dress! I know a lot of Irish Americans are really into their heritage, so Irish-themed wedding dresses might be a lucrative niche.