Friday, July 17, 2009

Backs, basting and beads

The bodice with some shadowing in a metallic thread. This isn't quite gold, isn't quite silver.
Pinning the layers over my leg. The curve of the leg builds in a little bit of curve in the bodice for the turn of cloth.

Ready for flat basting. You can just see the excess created in the top layer. This is something that I learned to do years ago at the theatres. I still have an urge to pick up the piece while basting. I remember being told that "It is called FLAT basting for a reason" by the first hand. At my table someone would call out "Flat!" in a low flat voice occasionally to remind me. I have done all these panels and it took 'til I got to the back panels to think that I am doing it right finally.
A local bead store is going out of businesss. I got a ride there after Maisie's ballet class and bought some things, but didn't have any samples with me. The white ones are too white, but I like the size. The silvery/gold ones aren't bad and I will be trying them. I also have a soft creamy gold piping basted on right now. Still not sure though.
Here are the beads I bought. Maisie insisted on the purple. The fish are for my son and his friends (there are more). The purple and green reminded me of my sister. Everything was between 30 and 80% off.

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