Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Things from my Washer

Chistmas stocking
Large marble
Ski Pass
Four yellow foam dots
Chain from a fibre art piece (shoudl still be ON fibre art piece!)
African elephant
Silver bit
Orange thing
After Bite pen

I know I am making excuses here, but I have been busy. I have been working days and then from about 8pm -12 or 2 am depending on deadlines. I usually do not have many orders in July and need to make up for that in May and June in the leadup to the North American Championships. Then I get to relax a bit and only work days.
The end result is that I have not been emptying pockets before I load the machine. Now, I am sure I wouldn't forget if I were like Marjie and had nine kids. I have only two and so am missing 7 kids worth of practise.
I did about 5 loads of laundry yesterday to try to catch up. These items were all collected from the bottom of the washer in one day. The orange thing is a Polly Pocket's doll skirt. I haven't figured out what the yellow foam dots were from yet. I notice that there is about $1.25 missing from the top of the dryer. Also missing are the Kleenex bits that went right into the garbage and a black cat, who didn't go through the cycle, but managed to get in when I wasn't looking.
Maisie collected rocks in the boy's school yard on the way to daycare this morning. I better be sure to check the pockets of those purple shorts.
Anyone else care to share what weirdness (or volume of things) they have found in their washer?


Marjie said...

Ice pop wrappers. Too many rocks to count. Small plastic critters galore. The biggest horror ever was crayons, however; I had to scrub the inside of the dryer drum with nail polish remover to get it all off! You know how happy I was!

connie b said...

I just got a new washer, so I am militant about my husband emptying pocket. But...I have found nails, screws, too many pens to count, lip balm, money (I keep that!) and yes, rocks!
Fun question!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

lol......my kids are older so I don't have these great treasures :) all I ever find are safety pins and money!