Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Sometimes you don't discover a goof up until it is too late. The motif in the first picture looks a little large for the scale of the design and the size of the dress, but the bodice was already sewn together and ready to put onto the skirt. I added a lot of crystals to the knotwork on the applique. I am not sure whether it was a save or not.
Also, the hearts on the sleeve look like the have antennae coming out of them. Ooops! Some crystals will distract from that though.


gwensews said...

That's a lot of elegant embroidery. Very nice.

Gail said...

I originally came to your blog via I love seeing the ID dresses you're working on -- my 2 girls dance Novice level, and I recently got the Feisdress pattern to see what I could do with it myself.

Your work looks lovely. What type of skirt will this dress have?

MaryPat R said...

Thanks Gwen and Gail!
Gail- it has a three tiered skirt in graduated shades of pink.
How exciting to be making your first dress. There are a lot of online guidance resources available. Have you found Celtic Flame yet?