Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vogue 1100 Jacket Progress

I have cut this jacket out of a wool blend from Timmel Fabrics. I did not know how it would act, but it presses nicely. It has a nice drape, which I wanted to keep so I used PRO-TRICOT FUSIBLE~ Interfacing from Sew-Exciting. It fuses nicely and adds body without changing the hand much.
The measurements given on the envelope made it look just a little snug in the bum for me, so I added to the side seams. I cut a 16 in the shoulder and neckline, coming out to an 18 at the side seam. From there, I traced off the same shape side seam as the pattern, but swung out to just a bit past the size 20. It is plenty big in the hips now. I have found that keeping the same shape side seam in a looser style such as this gives a better result than trying to keep the waist small and swing out at the hip/bum.
I had planned to top stitch and edge stitch as desribed in the instructions, but am contemplating doing a saddle stitch in this buttonhole twist I found. I would likely wear the jacket with the charcoal jeans I just made or with black so I don't feel I am limiting my choices like this. It will be a new technique for me. You can see I have basted the edges of the CF and collar, but have machine top stitching on the pocket flaps. I changed my mind after doing the pockets.

Isn't the wooden spool cute?

I started the stitching and LOVE the look! I was going to use tiger tape, but it looks OK like this. Perfection is for robots.


Anonymous said...


I love the jacket, and especially the saddle stitching. When I was a teen, my Mom made me several gored skirts with saddle stitching. I thought that detail was beautiful. And I also have some of those little wooden spools (even tiny ones) containing my Mother's thread. She saved everything, and I have all her sewing supplies.


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Love this color and the saddle stitching is perfect :) Great detail.

kbenco said...

It is shaping up to be a gorgeous jacket. The saddle stitching looks terrific.

2BSewing: said...

I love your jacket. The color is gorgeous. Love the stitching. BTW...I'm glad the KS pattern worked out for you. Thank you for your complements. :)