Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spring Flowers

Carolyn from Diary of a Sewing Fanatic had a post yesterday that brought home some feelings I have been having. She discusses using books to get better at sewing. I LOVE books. I love magazine, I love tchniques and am curious about many things. I realised years ago that I was reading rather than doing, so I tried to change that. Then came marriage and babies and other obligations. I stopped sewing for myself for a while. I sewed for work, but not for pleasure.
In the last few years I discovered Stitcher's Guild, Pattern Review and blogs. So many blogs! But again, I used them as I had previously used books. I read them rather than doing. With my husband's illness and inability to work, I have had to add more hours to my work week. I feel like I never leave my basement studio. I need to change that somehow, even if it means part of the time I am down here I am doing something for me.
So I have decided that I will try to do something for fun, for skill development and not for profit, everyday if I can.
Here is the most recent attempt: fabric flowers. I can't get outside to enjoy them much so this will be my replacement for now.
Ribbon Roses
Using a technique from Threads , number 64, article by Camela Nitschke.
Bias Roses
Top left has satin back shantung flower and leaf is silk dupioni, on right is metallic silk with ribbon leaves.
Bottom flowers are satin, acetate on left and polyester on right.
I am sure my skills need imrovement, but they are fairly quick and the results are cute from the start. Just what I need right now.

This is for KBenco. Here is the box from the ruffler foot that fit my Janome MemoryCraft 4000


gwensews said...

I LOVE fabric flowers! Have fun making them. I have a husband who has serious illness. Cronic illness takes an emotional toll. Sewing eleviates some of the stress.

Anonymous said...

Mary Pat,

I think it's important to bring yourself some daily pleasure; you're on the right track. And the final products of your creativity look amazing. I adore your roses; they are beautifully done.

Karen Karendee

kbenco said...

Thanks Mary Pat, I will keep my eyes out for that box. Your flowers are very pretty. I also like to squeeze something into the day for me, even if it is just 15 minutes of knitting or something like that - it feels better!