Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oh, my aching feet!

Heart-ache that is!
I use a Husqvarna Mega Quilter for my daily sewing. It only has a straight stitch, has a longer than average bed and a really high lift. I love it. It is as close to an industrial as I need for power and but I sometimes feel a little too basic with it. I read blogs and reviews and there are a lot of discussions about various feet. I decided to try some but most of the feet I would like to try are not available for it so I will have to get feet for another machine that is not set up for daily use. It is a Pfaff 1522 and I want to get a binding foot, a ruffler and an elasticator.
I have been to two local sewing stores. The first, closest and my favourite is only a few blocks away from me. I can walk there. They suggested I bring in the machine but, since I do not drive, this isn't easy. They do not sell Pfaff machines there but they carry some feet for other machines. I purchased a ruffling/pleating snap on foot with the arrangement that I could bring it back for credit if it didn't fit. Well, it didn't fit. I will have to go back today.
They sell Pfaff at the other machine store. It is a 20 minute drive away, so we need to pack the kids in the car and have DH and both kids wait while I go in there. I told them what machines I had and asked what they suggested. After some discussion we decided to use the Pfaff and I bought a snap on elastic foot.
I didn't have a chance to set up the other machine for a week or so. Finally I had time last night. I opened my little bag and found a low shank binding foot. So now we need to trek back there for another long visit which I hope will result in a successful outcome. They are not known for their excellence in customer service at this establishment.
Wish me luck! After this I might just stick with a straight stitch and serger!
ETA- Better news! I called up and they explained that a low shank will work and that they were out of the snap on. However I don't want to use a screwdriver to remove the shank everytime I want to change the foot. They are going to try to order a snap on and we will go grom there. If worse comes to worst I can get a thumb screw for that shank.
As for the ruffler, not only does it fit on my Janome, but I was looking through some old Threads magazines that Mum gave me and the first one I picked up has an entire article on using a ruffler foot! This dreary Saturday is turning into a better day than I had thought.


gwensews said...

I am the Queen of Sewing Machine Feet! They really do the jobs they are intended, if you take the time to leanr to use them properly. Good luck finding the feet you want for your machine. The time spent will be well worth it.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Great news! I like my different feet but don't have much time to play with them :)

kbenco said...

OOh, was it a Pfaff ruffler that fit your Janome? I have a Janome, and no dealer in town, but the quilting shop can get in Pfaff feet, so this is kind of exciting! Or now that I read your post again, was it another brand? I know Husqvana does not fit my tricky!

MaryPat R said...

Thanks for your comments Gwen, Ann and aren
Karen- it is a generic foot in a pic\nk box diagonally printed with nini al over it.
The box says:
Sewign Machine
Made in Japan on one end.
Thee is P60111 on a sticker and Type: G Snap-on
is stamped on one side
I am out of camera batteries, but will take a picture to show you when I get new ones. This is probably not much help, but there isn't much information on it. Not much by way of instructions either.