Friday, May 22, 2009

My kids got my camera again

The many faces of Maisie.

Trying to look mad
You can't see me or the popsicle stain on my chin!
We also have an elbow series.


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

An absolute cutie :)

Marjie said...

Don't expect her to grow out of it. My kids get the camera, and make faces for each other - and they're supposed to be young adults and teenagers! Well, at least it isn't like the old days when we had to buy film and pay for processing, right?

I just saw your jacket posts, BTW. It came out great. I really like the color on you.

Claire S. said...

Just LOOK at those cheeks!

Marjie's right, my siblings & I still do it and we're all over 40...LOL !

MaryPat R said...

Thanks for commenting Ann, Marjie and Claire.
I don't mind when they do it at all. Marjie is right that it is WAY cheaper than when I got in trouble as a kid for photographing say, the Rolling Stones on TV. Mum gave me H*LL, dad told me how I could do it better.
It is a great to see what they come up with. This might have been the 11 year old's idea.
The "one foot on every flooring surface in the house", the "dolly sleeping in various places" and the "elbow series" are all the three year old's ideas.