Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oops, I did it again!

I worked on the coat while ill this time as opposed to rushing nd I put the collar on wrong. I brought the collar band right to the fold line instead of to the centre front. I only realized after I had it all graded and top stitched. So, out came the stitch ripper and the collar was removed to the shoulder seam, basted then hand stitched into place. Needs a press and some topstitching, but I am going to leave it alone until tomorrow.
Sleeves are in and hemmed, shoulder pads are in. Needs sleeve lining, hemming and buttons and then it can be put away for six months! I think I can get it done in time for Spring.


MerryMegs said...

I think the purse will go with the coat. It boysenberry purple will go with tweed. So will lime a matter of fact, I think most colours will go with that tweed. Well, except would be just, umm, predictable. So, my job here is done!! :)

MaryPat R said...

Do ya know you are a goof, Meg?