Monday, March 30, 2009

Jacket Progress

I have the jacket, trimmed and turned and have begun quilting it. I have started stitching it at the edge and joining the lining to the body at the seams. The shoulders are open to make the quilting easier.
I am not sure if my stitching is an appropriate size or not. You can see it in the interior photos.

I love this weighty silk charmeuse from Gorgeous Fabrics.
I have been inspired by the tweed jacket that Ann has begun at Ann's Fashion Studio. I really like her pockets and might add some lower pockets to this one. I am trying to decide how to trim the jacket first.
For Karendee-Thanks, Karen I hope it will be nice when done. I basted the interfacing just inside the seam allowance by hand and catch stitched it along areas that aren't near seams. I am kind of winging it as I usually use fusibles, too. I trimmed it out close to the stitching line once the seams were sewn and removed the basting. I used a method described here LindayT's Blog to cut the interfacing.


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

I love what you are doing so far. The fabric is a beautiful color and the lining goes so well with it. Pockets are a great way to give the jacket a different look, especially if you trim them. (you are making great progress, mine not so much)

ClaireOKC said...

Mary - thanks for the comments on the jacket waistline. I usually make the waistline "nip" at 1" above the waist, and that seems to be what works the best for most people. Obviously (don't know if you're sewing for others or not), if a person is very short or tall, that would have to be changed, but for most gals, that works really well.

You referenced the "detailed" sewing work you do - what is that?

MaryPat R said...

Thanks Ann and ClaireOKC. The fitting tip really helped.

Claire- I run a business making Irish Dancing Costumes. There is a link on the side bar to paddyk
I used to do bridal and special occasion as well, but this became full time so it is all I do now.
Previous to that I worked in theatre.