Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Again with the tweed!

Collar and front

Full length with the back flare showing on right.

Button jammed through hole. The puckers are because there isn't a shank on the button card. I found four of these at half price at the local sewing shop. I am very lucky to have a local sewing shop just up the road from me. I walked there for a class in about 3 minutes.

I didn't have enough silk to face the sleeves in it, so I have used lining. It still needs some hand work, some pressing and, oh yeah, a longer lining!

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Anonymous said...

Mary Pat,

Things are really looking good on the site. I love the almost finished jacket with the button poking through. That is a darling pattern, and such a wonderful style for you. This certainly looks youthful and fun.

Sorry you're having collar and illness troubles. It can all pile upon you at the same time and cause trouble.

Mentioning your local store certainly makes me envious. We having nothing but a big, dirty Hancocks with ugly, plastic buttons. But I'm glad you have such a nice one within such a short walk.