Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Dress

Maisie with Boy. I don't make him much, so he doesn't get much air time here.
On Easter Saturday, as Maisie was being readied for bed, she reminded me of the promise of an Easter dress. I had embroidered out the bunny (from ) on a leftover piece of cotton already. It was supposed to be a practise stitch out, but I found another piece of the fabric and had enough for a pinafore style without sleeves. The bodice is a from pattern I used for my now 14 year old niece, but no pattern pieces remain. (Yes, I have had UFOs for that long.) I used a full width of the cotton for the front and another for the back, dividing the scrap in half to determine the length.
I found a strip of acetate satin bias for the neckline and decided to use bias to finish the armholes as well. I had cut a lining in satin ( I don't remember why I chose satin) and used it to underline the front section. I should have just lined the bodice as I would have gotten to bed a lot sooner.
The design looked like something was missing and I thought I would embroider some flowers by hand on it but the design was too dense to get a needle through. I gave up and added a little green satin ribbon bow and did a row of green stem stitches under the bias at the neckline to make the colour look a bit more cohesive.
The dress is really a sleeveless jumper and the top underneath was a birthday present from Nana. The tights were a gift from my sister and even though they all came from disparate sources, the end result looked pretty put together.
On Easter Sunday morning, after the egg hunt, we all got ready to go to Church.
As we walked up to the church we saw the sign with the new Mass times, realized Mass was about to let out, and just kept walking around the block and home again. It was our own private Easter Parade!


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

They are cute kids :)
Your daughter is wearing a very pretty dress.

wendy said...

That is SO precious! Awww. Is the bunny an applique? It looks adorable!

kbenco said...

Maisie looks so pretty. I love the collar detail.

MaryPat R said...

Thanks Ann, Wendy and Karen. I did not get a chance to write the actual post until today, so there is a bit more information now.