Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thanks and a question

Thanks to all those who have expressed concern, either through comments, emails, telephone and personal calls and Stitcher's Guild. DH seems to be better, has seen his GP twice, has had one specialist appointment and is awaiting results from two tests. He has taken an active approach in getting better, which is good. Once we learned he wouldn't die from his "episodes" we were able to relax, whcih made them less frequent and not as severe. Hmmm, apparently stress could be a contributing factor.
I haven't been able to do much personal sewing lately, except whatever I could whip up for the upcoming birthday girl's costume box.
I recently had one dress for a client that nearly did me in though. If it had been personal, it would have become a UFO, but I had a deadline and couldn't back down on it. The dress fought be tooth and nail the entire way along. The result was lovely, but hard to get done and out. It was like a very difficult birth, but the result is always worth it.
There have been two in the last six months like this. Both were for 14 year old girls. Both, according to their mums, are in that difficult teenage angst phase. Am I feeling this? I have never met either girl, but energy does get passed on.
Has anyone else had an experience like this?

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Vicki said...

I hope your husband is better soon, or at least diagnosed so you can deal with the problem.

As for teenage girls, don't worry, they are not all like that. My two have never given me angst and we enjoy each others company very much.