Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I just realized my pockets welts were put in reversed. I put the left in the right and vice versa.
I din't even notice until the second one was in. They looked kind of "unhappy" to me and then I realized the welts pointed down instead of up.
I just have to keep telling myself it won't be hard to change, despite being in thich ravelly tweed with 1/4 seam allowances.
I wasn't supposed to work on them again until Monday and I should have just left it there.
(it won't be hard to change, it won't be hard to change...)


kbenco said...

Um, could you leave them in as a new design? They are still symmetrical I bet. How annoying.

Claudine said...

That is so sad!

MaryPat R said...

Thanks for the commiseration, Karen and Claudine.
I actually fixed them with only minor difficulty. More tears beforehand than during or after!