Monday, February 2, 2009

Absent minded- in a way

I have been absent lately from the blogs, the message boards and the studio. My husband has suddenly become quite ill. We have had an ambulance here twice in the last week. The stress and busy-ness of this has taken up a fair bit of time.
On a more positive note, his episodes may have resulted in a diagnosis. Any news is better than
"We don't know what it it, so go home and don't drive until you see the heart and stroke clinic in June." No answers about medications, exercise, diet, etc.
It has been a frustrating time. Sorry Liana if I seemed unappreciative. You actually made my day!


Liana said...

Heavens, don't apologize! Of course your DH's health is more important than anything else. What a horrific week you've had. I hope the diagnosis helps. It's amazing how we don't realize how we take good health for granted until it's suddenly gone. Best wishes to both of you!

Leanne in NZ said...

Merry, I hope that the news is positive and that your DH's health improves. I think everyone in blogland would agree that family comes first! Take care of yourself and your family, especially DH, and don't stress about your blog - it will still be there when you are ready! Thinking of you all :-)

kbenco said...

MaryPat, I hope you have some good news soon. Virtual hug.