Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Teal jacket and Ashy top

The Vogue 2923 jacket is finally finished and has been worn out ot my January book club meeting. I was a bit overdressed compared to everyone else, but dont really care. I gave a soft press to the ruffle to hold it in place, but it does what is wants anyway. That is probably better.
The fabric is a wool knit I purchased last year. I threw 1.5 yards of it into the washer and dryer to felt it a bit. I used the unfelted wool for the ruffle and faced it with a silk from Gorgeous fabrics. The jacket is supposed to have a lining in the front, but I couldn't get the knit and woven to play nicely and gave up on that plan. Because of this the seams had been trimmed and topstitched and could no longer be serged nicely. However the fabric does not fray or lose fibre, so I just won't show anyone the inside! I used bias to bind the sleeve hems and decided I liked it enough to use as the finish. The texture contrast is pretty. There are three buttons and thread loops holding it closed.

Underneath is a rayon/cotton/lycra knit top from EOS in a colour Linda called "ashy". It suits the colour, not really brown, not really gray, but a heathery mixture of the two. I did a neckline treatment that I saw on RTW and liked. I cut the top from a pattern I made from RTW, cut 2" off the neckline and sewed a 2" band back on. The band was cut to the size of the opening and had a CB seam. I left a small part of the CB seam open, inserted 1/4" elastic into it and adjusted the length until the neckband was gathered up slightly and laid flat on my neck. You can just see the gathers at the neckline in the pictures.


Anonymous said...


I think you look wonderful and trendy in your new jacket and top. The collar ruffle will frame your lovely face and look great! DH can have his opinion; he's just not right about how you look.

What is the blue jacket made from? What pattern did you use? Maybe you've posted this somewhere and I've just overlooked it.

The knitting sounds great! I am also a self taught knitter, but my skills haven't progress much from knit/purl. But I have made several sweaters, hats, and ponchos plus tons of scarves. So, I have certainly practiced enough to branch out to more difficult items.

It's good to read what you've been up to; I need to mark your blog to keep up.


Indigo Thimble said...

Beautiful jacket & top, I love the style and how you have combined the jacket fabric with matching satin for the front ruffle. So stylish!

Celeste in Santiago

Liana said...

You nailed the Armani look, and I love the color! How great to find the silk to match, too. Very, very nice.

MaryPat R said...

Thanks Karen, Celeste and Liana!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

This is an absolutely fantastic jacket! I love all of the elements!!!

G'Ma said...

Mary Pat, I read the comments about your top on SG and was curious to see your detail. Mind if I copy your idea also?
The jacket is lovely and you look great in it.