Friday, January 23, 2009

Birthday creations

Maisie's third birthday is coming up in February. When asked what she would like, she always replies, "A purple cake with candles and Smarties." With Christmas just past, I don't think she really expects to get any presents. That leaves it up to us to figure out what she would like and would play with as well as what we actually have room for in the house. We don't need any more junk, clutter or any toys that aren't used.
Something she loves is to dress up. Any kind of a costume will do, including her brother's katate gi and sparring gear and anything that seems like a hat.

So I have decided to make her a costume collection and not only because it appeals to me. Over the last year I have tucked away a little sheer ribbon skirt and a pair of fairy wings. She will need a princess dress (who doesn't) and, of course, a cape. I am waiting to get some more fabric for the dress, so I cut out and sewed the cape. When her brother comes home from school each day, he checks in with me and I show him my progress. He even picked out the trim for it: a sequinned pink stuff that was chosen for it's contrast, sparkle and comfortability. He even tried it on for me so I could check the lining. He really is a good big brother.

I always ask him not to stand behind me and read over my shoulder when I am on the computer. I ask this, not just because it drives me crazy, but also because I might post something like this:
What a good sport!


Liana said...

So cute, Mary Pat!

I've nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award. :)

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on your Blogger Award. I just saw your name and blogsite posted on Liana's blog. This is a wonderful honor. And I love all the plan for Maisie's bd. And her brother in the cape, that is so hilarious. What a good brother is right.