Friday, January 16, 2009

More Knit Talk

The reason I never did texture was because my knitting was backwards. This is my mother's term.I taught myself to knit in college to show her that cables were not too difficult. My Godmother made me a cardigan when I was a child. It was hard and scratchy and cabled. My mother ooohed and awed about it and I asked her (not in front of my Godmother) what was so special. She replied that cables were very hard to do.Some years later, while I was in college, I stuck my finger through a cable and realized how they were made. I had figured it out. Now all I had to do was learn to knit and I could show my mother how it was done! I got a book, and yarn and borrowed some needles and got to it.The funny thing is that no where in the book did it mention to change hands. By this I mean they never said to, once the row was complete, take the neeedle with the work on the right and put it in the left and start over. Being ambidextrous, I just knit back again from the right to the left. I knit each row and just could not figure out garter stitch. Someone finally clued me in and I started knitting the regular way.I was self taught with no one nearby to tutor me and I only knew the basics, but I was fairly prolific. The only problem was that I always wrapped my yarns wrong. So I went home to visit and my mother tried to show me something, she would have to take each loop off, turn it and put it back on the needle. If I tried to do any texture work, the slants were always in the wrong direction. Yarn overs were hard. I just didn't bother with them. I did a lot of Fair Isle instead.This year I decided to learn how to knit correctly. I got out some books to see what was what and knit a few scarves in basic stockinette and garter to practise. As usual all has gone well as long as I kept to knit and purl. I forgot one thing: I don't know how to count.

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