Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I participated in Timmel's "Sewing with a Plan" SWAP Contest last winter. My goal was to complete the contest, which I was able to do. Since then I have watched other contests and sewn items that corresponded, without actually entering the contest.
I wrote to Julie at Timmel last week asking to enter her latest contest. It is based on adding a detail to the garment that is not in the pattern. I plan on making a jacket with some applique/embroidery to it. This is not really a stretch for me in technique, since this is what I do for work, but doing something that I would actually wear will be a challenge. I like things subtle and dull, but somehow gaudiness takes over any project I plan. I cannot even decorate my Christmas tree without thinking that it needs MORE! More sparkle, more lights, more decorations! Less is not more in Irish dance.

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