Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Right Front

Tearaway stabilizer on back with stitching done.On the positive applique I stitched just inside the lines, on the negative applique I stitched just outside. This way the finished lines are close to the original design lines once the fabrics are cut away.
Closer up picture of the fronts.
This is the original front on the left (on the right when viewing here) with a new right (on left).
To salvage the silk I satin stitched around the edges, which added a nice bright pinky-purple like to the design. It still didn't save the silk from fraying so I also embroidered around the flowers in a blanket sitch. On the newer side I only hand stitched the silk so there is no satin stitching there. It is a bit duller. I haven't finished the hand embroidery yet.
Fronts on the dummy. I am not sure if the design is done here. I originally had more leaves and another flower on the lower left (shown right) side.Original sketch of design
I don't know- am I done or should I add more applique?


Irene said...

Looks nice as is, but would probably flow better if you follow the plan on your drawing.

Stephanie Stitch said...

Wow, that turned out really nice. Definitely a technique I want to try.