Friday, February 11, 2011

Making Another Jacket

This is the jacket front with the work changed up a bit.

Another photo. I have added the darker green to one leaf and the purple wool to both leaves. I satin stitched around the silk petals, but had to do a button hole stitch also. I did a chain and lazy daisy in green in the centre of the flower.
While I was on the phone I began the other side. It went a lot quicker and I was pleased with the results. That is, until I tried to lay them side by side. I have done two right fronts! So I guess I will be making two jackets.
When I tell my students that they cannot make a mistake I haven't already made, I am not kidding!

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Irene said...

The applique turned out beautifully! Unfortunately, we all make mistakes - so long as they're salvageable, it doesn't feel quite so bad.