Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Whatever the heck I want

Sometimes I think I should just do whatever the heck I want. I never do though because there is always something I should be doing. The problem is that I then don't get anything done. Example- I have a custom order to complete. I want some distance from it, but don't want to get off schedule. I need to get it done.
Is it done? No. Have I worked on it? Not much.
What have I done instead? I have made tea, looked at the computer, spoken to two clients and one supplier, made tea, eaten chocolate, made soup, planned dinner and am about to go fetch yet another cup of tea.
If I had decided I would make myself a coat today I am sure I would have worked on that. In the end I have no coat and no dress and at $44/day for childcare I really should be getting something done.
Now off to get tea. The upside of all of this is that I will be unable to sleep tonight due to all the caffeine and able to catch up on the work I have missed.


gwensews said...

Sounds like you need to give yourself a vacation from sewing and come back to it refreshed.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Of course you'll get it done :)

Today you just needed a break.

RuthieK said...

It sounds like the calls were part of your business so don't be too hard on yourself. If you do want to take an annoying project in bites, set a timer for 15 mins, make yourself work on it that long with a promise of a cup of tea afterwards. If you are in the groove with the project when the 15 mins is up its OK to carry on, but equally OK to stop. Sometimes I set it for 45 mins and then have 15 mins off, stops the breaks getting too long. RuthieK