Sunday, January 10, 2010

Classical Gas?

This is an unusual post. I named the blog" Merry Patter" quite deliberately. It is a place to put happy thoughts and leave off descriptions of the outside pressures we all must deal with. I have a problem with depression in a mild way and I did not plan to write about that.
My posting has been sporadic for some months. I have been unable to cope in general very well. It took an enourmous effort to fulfill my contractual obligations regarding my work and just cooking supper seemed a daunting task. I have been exhausted, nauseous, befuddled and overwhelmed. I have been concerned about mental illness, brain tumours, Alzheimers disease. Testing didn't show any such thing. Anything at all in fact.
Part of this I blamed on my daily debilitating headaches. They have been very hard to cope with. I get migraines with barometric pressure changes, generally before it rains. Once the weather breaks, the headache does as well. With all the rain we had this summer, I thought that was the cause, but the headaches never broke.
Funny thing is that I didn't have them over Christmas while at my brother's house, but they started again when I returned home. I guess I should get away more.
My husband noticed a bad smell on our veranda on Thursday. I called the gas company who sent someone out immediately. Sure enough, there was a gas leak right outside a window about four feet from my computer caused by a faulty washer. He told me it had been going on since before summer (someone thought they could smell something last summer, but I couldn't smell it and didn't call the gas company). Once he fixed it he discovered another leak.
The window is generally open at least a crack even in bad weather to disperse the fumes from my adhesives. Natural gas is an asphyxiant. I have been depriving my brain of oxygen for months now. It has made it difficult to get my work done and then I would need to stay here longer to work on it, thus perpetuating the problem.
I haven't had a headache in days. It is a good feeling. I hope this means I can become productive again.
Thanks for all the comments. Ruthie- those were some good thoughts you put down about next time I can't focus, although I hope that being unfocussed in general will become a thing of the past from now on!


LisaB said...

I'm so glad the problem was found and that you have had some relief. It's amazing all you've accomplished given the circumstances. Thanks for sharing.

gwensews said...

Hope you're feeling chipper and "Merry Patter" in no time!

Linda said...

Wow! I am glad you determined what may be the problem! Amazing is all I can say.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

WOW~ I am very happy to hear the problem was found. ...pretty scary all the same. I hope all goes back to normal quickly for you :)

wendy said...

I get barometric pressure migraines too, but mine go away after a few hours- how icky that must be to have them stick around for so long!

I'm glad you found the leak finally... feel better!!

Colleen M said...

So scary! Yet almost like a miracle cure at the same time! Glad that you are feeling better, and hope that things get back to a good normal for you and your family.

RuthieK said...

Heck!!! Glad you got that fixed, even though it took a while to find. Hope you are now feeling MUCH better. Hugs :-) RuthieK

sanjeet said...

Hope you're feeling chipper and "Merry Patter" in no time!
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