Tuesday, December 22, 2009

WHOOO doesn't love an Owl (Hat)?

I have been making these felted wool knit hats for a local boutique. Here is Maisie modelling one of them for me.
I purchased the knit at a great price and felted (or fulled) it in the washer/dryer.
The applique is in a wool felt and they are lined in polartec. The ears, braids and tassels are in a doubly fulled batch of the knit. Less stretch to it, but less chance of it pulling apart.


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

These are very cute hats. I like them :)

RuthieK said...

Oh very cute!

gwensews said...

What a HOOT!

Claudine said...

So cute! Very nice job.

kanishk said...

very cute hats. I like them

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Anonymous said...

Adorable hats!!! So glad to see your work, here!

Karen (Karendee)