Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Finished the Oireachtas season

Well, the last custom dress was shipped yesterday and arrived in Pennsylvania today. I did not hear from the clients, so either it fits and they were off to the "O"or it doesn't and they were rushing for alterations. I am sure you can imagine which I would prefer.
Today, while th eadrenaline was still flowing, I made a dozen Christmas stockings and completed a tree skirt for a local gift shop. I always have lots of velvets and sparkly laces left over from the dresses. This year I was determined to finally put them to good use. They turned out really cute. No photos though.
Next up are more items for the next show on December 5th. Tomorrow-hats and cleaning up the studio.


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Your work is beautiful.I'm sure they loved the dress!

A dozen stockings :0
You now have to be in a
festive mood :)

sanjeet said...

Hope you're feeling chipper and "Merry Patter" in no time!
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