Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another dress completed

This dress turned out very pretty. I cannot take much design credit as the mom and dancer drew it up and picked out many of the fabrics. I had to make a few changes so it would be workable, but they did most of it. The first pic is in incadescent lighting and shows the colours better.
The flowers on the skirt are digitised. I had a few left over so I made brooches from them. You can see one on the cape in back. For the peplum I embroidered the flowers out on a metallic silk. The base is white velvet over a layer of cotton fused satin. The flowers were cut out, then satin stitched down on the velvet. The peplum was then backed with satin and edged in a silver satin stitch. The silver is very subtle in the dress. I don't love it but the dance mom does and that is what counts.
I think the curly ruffle is cute. This is the first time I used straight grain fabric instead of bias for that type of ruffle. I did a three thread rolled hem edge over 30 fishing line using embroidery thread in the looper for a bit of sheen. There are three ruffles in a very sheer white organza, so I treated them as one to make them more opaque. I gathered them together, first using the pleating/gathering foot, then by using a thread to pull them in more. It worked just as well as, if not better than the bias type. I will use this technique again.


Mardel said...

Oh that dress is fabulous and I adore the ruffle.

gwensews said...

You do a beautiful job on those dance costumes. That's a lot of work. Fabulous though.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

When your customers leave with their dresses they must be sooooooooo happy! This is another gorgeous outfit. Your work is truly amazing.

Ann Donahue said...

I had no idea that you have a blog, Paddy! Very cool! I will bookmark this! I wonder how many other of our dressmaking network have blogs...need to make a list. I started writing again about the Divas, mainly because my mother kept at me! It is here:

kanishk said...

You do a beautiful job on those dance costumes. That's a lot of work. Fabulous though.

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