Sunday, September 6, 2009

While I was blogging...

While I was writing the previous post Maisie emptied about 4 vials of beads into a business card holder, which she called a couch. I guess it IS kind of couch shaped. Here she is with her brother picking up the ones that ended up all over the floor.

ETA: While I was blogging this entry she scotch taped the faceted ones to my OmniGrid ruler at 1" intervals. Do you see the piece of boning on the floor beside the card holder? It HAS to be there (as in "I NEED IT MAMA!"). That is her "puppy leash" for her imaginary puppy. I wish we didn't lose the imagination we have as a child.

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Ann's Fashion Studio said...

lol..never a boring moment....I kinda' miss those days :))))))))

Have a great week end!