Sunday, May 19, 2013

More leafing

Leaves after using heat tool. I used a Clover Mini Iron with various attachments for it as well as some from my wood burning tool. They were a bit trickier because they were thinner and shorter than the Mini Iron was made to take.

This is the backside of one leaf showing the organza and the wire between the layers. I need to learn to place the wire more accurately and follow it in the tooling. This one isn't too bad but another one is quite messy.

 Three leaves. I like the other colours within these examples. I thought they looked like mistakes at first but prefer them now.

This picture shows the leaves with the sharp line done on top. I used a pointy tip and drew the lines, then turned them over and used a rounder tip to push up the sections between the lines. on the variegated leaves I added the smaller veins first. On the more olive leaves I did the main vein and added the smaller ones after the rounder tooling.
These have had the rounder tip used. On the two shown here I did the main vein then the round tip then went back to the upper side and added more veins.  
Five completed leaves!

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