Sunday, July 3, 2011


Maisie and I with friend Barb at my son's grade 8 graduation.
This was the only year both of my children will be in the same school. By the time she starts highschool, he will have finished university.
I thought the ceremony was on Wednesday eve, but it was actually Tuesday so I had to miss the last class of my textile arts course. It was a frenzy trying to alter his trousers and get my dress finished. The skirt was from an outfit I made for a wedding a few years ago. It was kind of big and droppy as the skirt so I wore a black one. I cut an empire top and added the skirt to it but the hem hung longer at the back than front. Once I saw all the asymmetrical hemlines in fashion now I remembered the dress, pulled it out and finished it off just in time.


Ann's Fashion Studio said...

What happy faces :))
Beautiful picture.

Ruthie said...

A lovely colours for you, and great to see you smiling! I love the asymetric hems also.

Irene said...

Lovely colour!
How time does fly - wasn't Maisie a baby just, um, "yesterday"?